I recently started a job search after leaving GitHub in November of 2021. I’ve tweeted about it, a lot. I was somewhat inspired by Taylor Poindexter’s search where should would post updates to Twitter about the search. She posted very opinionated statements that I’m sure attracted some unwelcome attention. I agreed with practically everything she was saying. The way she set boundaries and communicated what it takes to earn someone like her was frankly inspiring.

I don’t have the personality that Taylor has. I’m also prone to posting bad hot takes. I’m ok with that, I learn, but I’m currently comfortable with my level of bad hot takes. I have done some tweeting and frankly I’d want to unfollow me. So a blog post format is probably going to satisfy my desire to get things out in words without shouting at people covering their ears.

Anyhow, each post will be on a single topic. I started writing a mega post but when it came time to form things in a coherent message with logical ordering, I wanted to quit. So instead, short bursts of related items as standalone thoughts that just happen to be related to a similar event.